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Know your restrictions:

1) American Virtual Airlines is a partnered IVAO VA, and because of that, every pilot must be a member of IVAO to maintain an online presence during their flights. If you need to register please go here (

2) Pilots must remain active presence by filing a PIREP within 90 days. We also encourage you to try to fly weekly (1 PIREP per 7 days) however is NOT mandatory; Flying weekly will improve your flying statistics and the virtual Finances of the Airline.

3) Inactive Pilots (beyond 90 days) will be removed from the roster. IVAO does place you in inactive account status.

4) PIREPS are filed using the automated system (vmsACARS). You have the option for Manual PIREPS only in cases of ACARS malfunction. When you file, add the IVAO Tracker Link in the remarks section. Manual PIREPs are prohibited as the standard form of filing.


5) Landing rates are recorded with each PIREP and display your average in the Pilot Center. Anything greater than -1000 f.p.m. (feet per minute) will not be accepted. We encourage you to improve your averages below the hard landing rate of -500 f.p.m. 

6) All routes in American Virtual Airlines are coded with a specific airframe to each destination, there are the routes you will fly primarily, and you will have the option to fly something different as a charter, in a limited capacity.

7) You can fly with other groups (or be a member of another group), but it must not interfere with the above rules or your ability to fly and submit PIREPs. Dual PIREPS are not allowed and are subject to removal from the roster.

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