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from the beginning!

  1. Click on the FLIGHTS tab

  2. On the FLIGHTS tab, click NEW to open a new bid

In the real world, airline pilots "bid" on flight schedules using their seniority. A computer program (known as PBS ("Preferential bidding system") assigns crew schedules based on those bids.

Although smartCARS calls the process of selecting a flight "bidding", there is no competition for the schedule in the flight-sim community. You are simply selecting a schedule to fly immediately.

That's the way we do it!

  1. In the top section, you CAN specify a departure or arrival airport using its ICAO code, and you can select a type of aircraft. You can also just leave the entire section blank to see ALL available flights.

  2. Click the SEARCH button to search for available flights.

  3. Clicking on a flight will highlight it and show you the details of the flight.

  4. When you have selected a flight in section 3, click the BID button to lock in that flight.

  5. After bidding on the flight, press the BACK button to return to the main flight page.

    Note that the aircraft/airframe listed is the RECOMMENDED one for the flight, but you can fly any aircraft in your flight sim library that you are familiar with which is able to meet the arrival time of the flight.


You are almost there!

At this point, you will want to set up your flight plan and simulator, and any research such as which terminal/gate to use. (Google "American airlines KLAX terminal" will get the terminal and gate info for Los Angeles.) It is also helpful to google the specifications for your aircraft regarding the seating capacity.

Then load your flight simulator. We recommend starting your flight with a "cold and dark cockpit" (Everything turned off)

If you will be using IVAO, this is the time to file a flight plan with IVAO and start IvAP or Altitude (The IVAO Pilot Client program) Use the flight number in smartCARS as the aircraft identification (item 7 of your flight plan.)

You should start your flight at the terminal, NOT on a runway. (This is required for IVAO and recommended even if not on-network.

  1. Click FLY when you are ready to fill in your flight details.

You are there!

  1. Select the airframe you will use for this flight.

  2. If you will be flying on a network, select it here.

  3. Enter the number of passengers on your flight. (see note [1] below).

  4. Enter the altitude you will be cruising at. (Enter the FULL MSL altitude, such as 33000).

  5. Enter your planned route. You may use the default route that will appear in this box or your own.

  6. Click START to begin the flight recorder.


You did it!

Switch to the flight simulator and begin your flight.

Do not close smartCARS. It will act like the aircraft "black box" recording details about your flight, which will be used to complete your PIREP for the flight.​

We hope you enjoyed your flight!

  1. When your flight is completed, click FINISH.

When you click the FINISH button, it will become the PIREP button.
Click PIREP to send the pilot report and black-box recording to our operations department.


[1] The number of passengers. Enter in smartCARS the number of paying passengers, NOT counting crew. This figure is used to calculate the revenue for the airline shown on the Balance Sheet. For an IVAO flight plan, add an additional 4 to 6 to account for the crew onboard.

Airbus A320 or A432 typical max PAX is 185
Airbus A330 typical max PAX is 253
Boeing 737-800 typical max PAX is 160
Boeing 777-200 typical max PAX is 253

(C)Copyright 2022 American Virtual Airlines. Written by John B AAL0575.

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